Homily from Sunday April 17th, 2022: Easter Sunday

The Resurrection means that the stone that separated the human race from God, the stone that stood like a wall was rolled away and now in Jesus Christ. The way to the Father is once more wide-open.

If we devalue the truth of Easter into simply a metaphor or symbol for the annual rebirth of nature, we miss its power; a power so great, that it pulled the disciples from hiding in fear, to be able to go out as missionaries to the world and preach Christ, even at their own peril and being put to death (for something they didn’t really believe in??).

Faith in the Resurrection means we believe in life continuing beyond this life, and that eternal life begins not when we die, but the moment we are baptized, and that God – who gives us existence, will continue to give us the gift of life for all Eternity.

We know God has given us life now, (and stop that life when our bodies die?). This day tells us that God will have the last word and that whatever we crucify, or destroy, God will undo with compassion and mercy (just as Jesus did), because God’s final judgment is Resurrection and that God’s Love is stronger than death.

So we are not only celebrating the Resurrection of Christ – but the Baptismal access we all now have to the Risen Lord today.

Maybe over the years our discipleship has become sloppy or blurred and compromised. Make Easter a time for renewal. Refresh your faith in Christ’s mission.

Christ is still going about doing good and healing all those who suffer and are oppressed. Because of Baptism, we are part of that ongoing mission of Christ.

Life does not make sense unless we see there is meaning in death; and death does not make sense without the Resurrection.


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