“Snowsary” in the Glebe

By Marie Nigro (28-Dec-2021) Ah, the last week of December! Normally a chilly time of year in the snowy city we fondly refer to as home, but this year the capital felt on the balmy side. With that in mind, a good friend and I decided to venture out for a post-holiday, socially-distanced, COVID-compliant get-together … Continue reading “Snowsary” in the Glebe

Insights from Deacon Mathew: January 16, 2022

Homily for January 16: The wedding at Cana Today’s Gospel has rich teaching and talks about the “SIGN” of the divinity of Jesus, the ministry of Mother Mary, the presence of Jesus in sacramental marriage, and our parish life. The signs and miracles of Jesus are “earthly actions, by the power of God with great … Continue reading Insights from Deacon Mathew: January 16, 2022