Consecration to St. Joseph – A 33-Day Adventure!

By Marie Nigro On September 23rd, the Feast of St Padre Pio, a group of friends and I embarked on a spiritual adventure that lasted 33 days: we prepared ourselves for consecration to St. Joseph! Backgrounder: one of my closest friends, who lives in another city, contacted me because she was excited about “the best book ever written about St Joseph!” and offered to give it to me as an Easter gift. I thanked her for her generosity and took her up on her offer. At roughly the same time, I purchased Mark Carney’s book Values and became absorbed in…

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Insights from Deacon Mathew: November 14, 2021

Homily from Sunday November 14th -33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time With the approach next Sunday of the Feast of Christ the King and the end of the Liturgical Year, our readings this Sunday take on an ‘end times’ feel. Bible scholars are of the opinion that St Mark has in mind the Christians under persecution while he wrote words of Jesus and tried to give hope at that time. Christians of the time thought that their sufferings were end time affliction and tribulations. It reminds us to be prepared always by leading a true Christian life. We live in a…

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A list of reminders for Holy Rosary parishioners. Full transcription in the description field.

November news and reminders

Daylight Savings Time ends – Sunday, 2 AM / Clocks go back 1 hour. Remember our food drive – Bring healthy food items. Winter clothing needed. Pick-up Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes – $10 for shipping costs. Return Dates – Nov 13 & 14 and Nov 20 & 21. Saturday Vigil Mass now starts at 4:30 PM. Thank you to everyone!

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Some of the Circle of Friends members

The Circle of Friends

By Brian Buckley The Circle of Friends was formed in the autumn of 2015 as the Syrian tragedy drew international attention to the plight of refugees in the Middle East and across the globe. A number of people in Holy Rosary Parish and beyond wanted to do something practical to alleviate the suffering. Several possibilities were discussed, including sponsoring one or more refugees, and making a financial contribution to an international charity. In the course of this discussion we discovered that there were already in Ottawa a number of refugee claimants without any means of support, whose situation was becoming…

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Insights from Fr. Dan: October 24, 2021

Homily from Sunday October 24th – 30th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Aren’t you moved by the faith (the confidence in Jesus) that Bartimaeus has in his insistent cry for Jesus to have mercy on him even though others constantly try to keep him off to the side? Of course, this is a perennial problem that keeps those in need more and more invisible and on the edges; the blind and begging for assistance, asylum, to be heard. This beggar can also be you and me that cry out for healing, for attention, because we have to keep in mind the…

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A beautiful creation out of ‘swirling turbulence’

By Andrea Fitzsimons September 14, 2021 A couple weeks ago, I visited the “Beyond Van Gogh” Art Exhibit at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa and it caused me to reflect. Now that the exhibit is finished, I don’t mind sharing photos and any spoilers. The visual art of Vincent Van Gogh was brought alive with movement and music. I was transported into an experience of his masterpieces. His landscapes and portraits were projected onto the floors, walls, and the spectators touring the exhibit. The venue was Aberdeen Pavilion, or traditionally ‘Cattle Castle’, a massive building with cathedral height ceilings. When I…

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Insights from Fr. Dan: October 17, 2021

Homily from Sunday October 17th – 29th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME I suppose that James and John were not nicknamed elsewhere in the Gospel “Sons of Thunder” for nothing. These two ask, right in front of the other ten, to sit right beside Jesus when the time comes. Jesus replies that his Kingdom is not about sitting – it is about standing: Can you, will you, stand by me, stand for me, and stand for what I am all about. And what is Jesus about? He’s about servant leadership perhaps a concept world’s apart from what we experience. Leaders, of…

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Insights from Deacon Mathew: October 10, 2021

Homily from Sunday October 10th 2021 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Go, sell what you own, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; come, follow me! The rich man in the gospel felt like he lacked something despite being a good man following all the commandments. So, when he saw Jesus, he ran to him and knelt before him asking “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus knew his heart and used this opportunity to present a radical and enduring teaching on discipleship and calling him to deeper faith .…

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Blessing of the Animals

By Marie Nigro October 2, 2021 Despite the rain that just wouldn’t go away, our fourth annual Blessing of the Animals went ahead as planned. It started with Fr. Dan blessing pictures of six kitties that are dear to the heart of the writer of this blog post. Then … Benji arrived! Benji is Irene Mitani’s adorable dog – and he does tricks! He also made a new friend. Ellen Noble and her parents came from Stittsville with Bella, the dog of a family friend. They played together before and after receiving their blessings – and of course they were…

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Insights from Fr. Dan – October 3, 2021

Homily from Sunday October 03rd – 27th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME “In 1981 — Prince Charles got married-Liverpool was crowned soccer champions of Europe-Australia lost the Ashes Tournament-The Pope was shot” “In 2005 — Prince Charles got married-Liverpool was crowned soccer champions of Europe-Australia lost the Ashes Tournament-The Pope died” “The next time Charles gets married, someone warn the Pope.” And more to the point, in the context of our divorces and certainly our children’s and grandchildren’s divorces, we uncomfortably must come to terms with Jesus’ pronouncement of no divorce. In the Ancient time of Jesus’ society, women rarely, if…

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