Homily from Sunday June 12th 2022: Most Holy Trinity Sunday

Today we celebrate Trinity Sunday – The God who is expressed in various ways. This expression, or Doctrine as we call it, puts into words the Christian experience of God as shown by Christ.

It is not possible to understand and encompass God – but we can be in awe and worship.

God is a community of persons, and since we are made in the image of God community and relationships are the most important things in human life. Community and relationships influence us in every facet of our lives. It is way too difficult to live without being in relationships.

As we go through life’s experiences we come to see more clearly that loving is at the heart of our human nature. The failures that pain us the most are our failures in love. Our awareness of the mystery of God is not simply private and personal – but that we are bonded to him and to each other by our Baptism, In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And God does reveal himself as Love through his Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself told us he was sending us his Spirit to guide us and sustain us.

Most often we don’t bother too much to reflect about what God is really like, for that we need imagination, and imagination is the power to create the images we need to understand life and to make sense of our experiences. That is one reason we can explain the Trinity with our imagination by saying Water is still Water in the form of Steam, or frozen, it is just in different forms for different purposes; as is Fr. Son, and Holy Spirit.

As we strive to follow Jesus, of necessity we have to become more open, more aware of others, and more concerned about relationships. In doing so, we become more like God in whose image we are made. This celebration of the Trinity is not suppose to confuse us with Theology, it is to help us realize that God comes to us in different ways and experiences.

Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit dwells within us and immerses us into a spiritual fellowship of faith and church and community and gives us the strength and the requirements to be a follower of Christ. This is a spirit who draws us into community and communication with Christ and one another.

It is a deeply liberating truth – that God is close to us, and to realize this when we personally call upon our Lord and make the sign of the cross – The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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