Homily from Sunday November 21st – Solemnity of Christ the King – King of the Universe

With this feast, Christ, King of the Universe, we come to the conclusion of the Church year and next week begin Advent.

The picture of Christ as King – gives us a different kind of power and majesty. We honour the Lord Jesus today a King whose Kingdom is never ending in time/universal in scope/, and very personal in its power.

This is the outlook of the readings:

The 2nd reading (Book of Revelation) goes even further, and tells us that all the peoples will feel the pain of the death of Christ, because all of the human race is part of it; how; because we all act against God.

Murder is not a European invention; rope is not a Western phenomenon. Abuse, theft, slander, and all the capital sins are found among the Incas, the North American Native peoples and those people of Africa. Sin is a universal phenomenon. This is what nailed Jesus to the cross. It’s universal, and so the redemption of Jesus is universal as well – He died for all and so all salvation comes through Him.

The Lord’s Kingdom is not only enduring but it is also universal – wide enough to encompass, heal, and bring forgiveness to every human being however they may come to it.

His Kingdom is also very persona – because it is not about the things we usually relate with Kingdom’s on earth. It is about freeing us for God’s love, so that we may become more of the person we are meant to be. Jesus gives us the truth about life, about ourselves, about our future; and His truth always sets us free.

This Kingdom is a zone of strength, from whose resources we can draw during our life, because we have utmost confidence in Christ. And this makes Jesus more fascinating than any other kind of King.

What is the Kingdom of God like? It’s Justice! That covers EVERYTHING!

The Kingdom of God is found in places that are not the easiest or most comfortable places to be. No academic qualifications are required, no training, no Knighthood; all it takes is an eye to notice, a heart to respond, and a will to act, no matter how small the action may seem. “The reason I was born” said Jesus in today’s Gospel,” is to testify to the truth”. That is what we’re here for, isn’t it?

Here’s a little test:

  • What King married Isabella and sent an Italian to sail the ocean? (Ferdinand)
  • What King was not happy with the Catholic Church and had his wife beheaded? (Henry VIII)
  • What King loved his blue suede shoes? (Elvis)
  • Who was the extra-large, hairy King who fought off planes in New York? (King Kong)

Here is one a little more difficult:

  • What King called for 3 fiddlers, a pipe, and a bowl? (Ole King Cole)

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