By Marie Nigro

October 2, 2021

Despite the rain that just wouldn’t go away, our fourth annual Blessing of the Animals went ahead as planned.

It started with Fr. Dan blessing pictures of six kitties that are dear to the heart of the writer of this blog post. Then … Benji arrived! Benji is Irene Mitani’s adorable dog – and he does tricks!

Benji shows off his dancing skills

He also made a new friend. Ellen Noble and her parents came from Stittsville with Bella, the dog of a family friend. They played together before and after receiving their blessings – and of course they were given treats. Also blessed were pictures of Ellen’s three birds: Merry, Pippin, and Artemis.

Since Blessings of the Animals is such a special time, Father Dan even arranged to bless a 17 year old dog, named Samson, with its owner on Saturday, October 9th. 

We are very grateful to Fr. Dan for coming to the church on a rainy Saturday afternoon to perform this blessing for us – and to everyone who participated in, and supported, this event, which brought the Season of Creation to a close.

Happy Feast of St. Francis of Assisi! See you next year!

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